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Diet Will Conquer All

I've gone over what I consider the three pillars of healthy weightloss: Diet, Physical Activity, and Mental Hygiene. All three are equally important but I think there's a good order of operation to tackle them. I always suggest people start with their diets

The reason being is that small changes in diet can yield results quickly. Because I'm an impatient American, I want to get the best results the fast way I can with the least amount of effort. I'm going to put a HUGE DISCLAIMER: Before you make radical changes to your diet and working out three times a day, talk to your doctor. They will be able to provide you better info and provide strategies more than I, a guy on the internet.

With that out of the way, the biggest piece of advice I'll say is master your diet first. This seems redundant but many people try to take on changing their diet, increasing their physical activity, and being more mentally fit all at once. Noble and admiral but that's a recipe for disaster. We can handle only so much change before something falls apart. It's better to start slow and master one pillar before taking on the others.


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